Black Chocobo, FF7 Save Game Editor Current Version:1.9.90

Black Chocobo is a Free Software (gplv3) FF7 save game editor written in Qt. Available for Windows, Linux + Mac Os. A Full Featured Save Editor, Black Chocobo contains All The features you would expect. Black Chocobo can open and write both PC and PSX save game formats as well as saves for most emulators. Also Supports Converting Save Formats to PC or PSX. With it you can even export your ps3 saves. I would like to thank qhimm for providing the source to jenova, it was a huge time saver.

Current Features
  • Open All Kinds Of FF7 Saves, PC, Psx, Emulator Formats, PS3, PSP
  • Insert New Games (default Savemap) to slots, or make a New Game + From your Old Saves
  • Export Saves As PC PSX or MCR/MCD
  • Full slot management! copy/paste and import slots to your saves
  • Edit: Characters, Chocobos, Items, Materia
  • Edit: In-Game Options & Save Region
  • Edit: Quest Progression & Save Location
  • Edit: PHS pool (bring aeris back or have a cloudless party)
  • Import/Export Character Stat Files
  • Detect and export non ff7 psx saves from virtual memory card formats
  • Currently in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese)
  • PPA for both Stable and Testing Builds of Black Chocobo for *buntu/debian users

NEED HELP?? - First Read The User Manual Then If you still need help post in the Help Thread

Project accomplished goals
  • Make Materia tab More like ff7 (v1.3)
  • Ability to create saves from nothing (more a long term goal) (v1.6)
  • Add Support for more Emulators Memcard formats (v1.9)
  • Add Japanese lang (svn-rev502 v1.9.4)
  • Add German lang (svn-rev566 v1.9.5)
  • Add More Locations for selection.

Project Work in Progress
  • Add More Quest Progression Editing (WIP)
  • Allow for world map locations (WIP 1.9)
  • More Savemap discovering, until there are no more unknown vars left

Project todo's
  • Save psv/vmp files correctly (When Checksum Cracked)
  • Add support for ps2/psu saves files