ff7tk  0.02
Toolkit for making FF7 Tools


Welcome to the documentation for the ff7tk (Final Fantasy 7 toolkit). ff7tk is a Cross Platform toolkit for creating programs that can edit the data from Final Fantasy 7. The Goal is to create a set of data objects and gui widgets that make the creation of new tools for final fantasy 7 editing easier to create.

Getting the code

the code is hosted on git hub http://github.com/sithlord48/ff7tk

Building the demo app

ff7tk is built on top of Qt (http://qt-project.org) . Will build using Qt4 or Qt5 ff7tk requires OpenSSL (http://openssl.org). OpenSSL is only required for the FF7Save.If your project doesn't use FF7Save it will not need OpenSSL. The Demo App included can be compiled easily if you have QtCreator installed open the ff7tkDemo.pro file and run it the demo will load and you can play with the widgets and try some of the utilities.

Getting Involved

You can help ff7tk by writing applications with it to expose bugs and missing items and/or contribute new items where lacking.