ff7tk  0.02
Toolkit for making FF7 Tools
FF7Save Member List

This is the complete list of members for FF7Save, including all inherited members.

ACTION_CAMERA enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_CANCEL enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_DOWN enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_HELP enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_LEFT enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_MENU enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_OK enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_PAGEUP enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_PAUSE enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_RIGHT enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_SWITCH enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_TARGET enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_UNKNOWN1 enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_UNKNOWN2 enum valueFF7Save
ACTION_UP enum valueFF7Save
ATB_ACTIVE enum valueFF7Save
ATB_RECOMMENED enum valueFF7Save
ATB_WAIT enum valueFF7Save
ATBMODE enum nameFF7Save
atbMode(int s)FF7Save
BASEMENTKEY enum valueFF7Save
battleHelp(int s)FF7Save
battleMessageSpeed(int s)FF7Save
battlePoints(int s)FF7Save
battles(int s)FF7Save
battleSpeed(int s)FF7Save
battleTargets(int s)FF7Save
bikeHighScore(int s)FF7Save
BIKINIBRIEFS enum valueFF7Save
BLACKMATERIA enum valueFF7Save
BLOCK_EMPTY enum valueFF7Save
BLOCK_ENDLINK enum valueFF7Save
BLOCK_MAIN enum valueFF7Save
BLOCK_MIDLINK enum valueFF7Save
BLONDEWIG enum valueFF7Save
bmProgress1(int s, int bit)FF7Save
bmProgress2(int s, int bit)FF7Save
bmProgress3(int s, int bit)FF7Save
BTN_CIRCLE enum valueFF7Save
BTN_DOWN enum valueFF7Save
BTN_L1 enum valueFF7Save
BTN_L2 enum valueFF7Save
BTN_LEFT enum valueFF7Save
BTN_R1 enum valueFF7Save
BTN_R2 enum valueFF7Save
BTN_RIGHT enum valueFF7Save
BTN_SELECT enum valueFF7Save
BTN_SQUARE enum valueFF7Save
BTN_START enum valueFF7Save
BTN_TRIANGLE enum valueFF7Save
BTN_UNKNOWN1 enum valueFF7Save
BTN_UNKNOWN2 enum valueFF7Save
BTN_UP enum valueFF7Save
BTN_X enum valueFF7Save
CAMERA_AUTO enum valueFF7Save
CAMERA_FIXED enum valueFF7Save
CAMERAMODE enum nameFF7Save
cameraMode(int s)FF7Save
canFightNinjaInForest(int s)FF7Save
CAVE_HPMP enum valueFF7Save
CAVE_KOTR enum valueFF7Save
CAVE_MIME enum valueFF7Save
CAVE_QUADMAGIC enum valueFF7Save
charAccessory(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
character(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charArmor(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charBaseHp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charBaseMp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charCurrentExp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charCurrentHp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charCurrentMp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charDex(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charDexBonus(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charFlag(int s, int char_num, int flag_num)FF7Save
charID(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charKills(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charLck(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charLckBonus(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charLevel(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charLimitBar(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charLimitLevel(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charLimits(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charMag(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charMagBonus(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charMateriaAp(int s, int who, int mat_num)FF7Save
charMateriaId(int s, int who, int mat_num)FF7Save
charMaxHp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charMaxMp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charName(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charNextExp(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charSpi(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charSpiBonus(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charStr(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charStrBonus(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charTimesLimitUsed(int s, int char_num, int level)FF7Save
charUnknown(int s, int char_num, int unknown_num)FF7Save
charVit(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charVitBonus(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
charWeapon(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
chocoAccel(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocobo(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoboCantMates(int s)FF7Save
chocoboPen(int s, int pos)FF7Save
chocoboPens(int s)FF7Save
chocoboRating(int s, int stable)FF7Save
chocoboRatings(int s)FF7Save
chocobos(int s)FF7Save
chocobosNames(int s)FF7Save
chocobosStaminas(int s)FF7Save
chocoCantMate(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoCoop(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoIntelligence(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoMaxSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoMaxSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoName(int s, int choco_num)FF7Save
chocoPCount(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoPersonality(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoRaceswon(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoSex(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoStamina(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
chocoType(int s, int chocoSlot)FF7Save
churchProgress(int s)FF7Save
clearSlot(int s)FF7Save
COLOGNE enum valueFF7Save
condorFunds(int s)FF7Save
condorLosses(int s)FF7Save
condorWins(int s)FF7Save
CONTROL_CUSTOM enum valueFF7Save
CONTROL_NORMAL enum valueFF7Save
controllerMapping(int s)FF7Save
controllerMapping(int s, int action)FF7Save
CONTROLMODE enum nameFF7Save
controlMode(int s)FF7Save
copySlot(int s)FF7Save
COTTONDRESS enum valueFF7Save
countdownTimer(int s)FF7Save
COUPON_A enum valueFF7Save
COUPON_B enum valueFF7Save
COUPON_C enum valueFF7Save
craterSavePointMapID(int s)FF7Save
craterSavePointX(int s)FF7Save
craterSavePointY(int s)FF7Save
craterSavePointZ(int s)FF7Save
createMetadata(QString fileName, QString UserID)FF7Saveprivate
CURSOR_INITIAL enum valueFF7Save
CURSOR_MEMORY enum valueFF7Save
CURSORMODE enum nameFF7Save
cursorMode(int s)FF7Save
DEODORANT enum valueFF7Save
descCurHP(int s)FF7Save
descCurMP(int s)FF7Save
descGil(int s)FF7Save
descLevel(int s)FF7Save
descLocation(int s)FF7Save
descMaxHP(int s)FF7Save
descMaxMP(int s)FF7Save
descName(int s)FF7Save
descParty(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
descTime(int s)FF7Save
dialogColorLL(int s)FF7Save
dialogColorLR(int s)FF7Save
dialogColorUL(int s)FF7Save
dialogColorUR(int s)FF7Save
DIAMONDTIARA enum valueFF7Save
DIGESTIVE enum valueFF7Save
disc(int s)FF7Save
DISINFECTANT enum valueFF7Save
donProgress(int s)FF7Save
DYEDWIG enum valueFF7Save
exportCharacter(int s, int char_num, QString fileName)FF7Save
exportDEX(const QString &fileName)FF7Save
exportFile(const QString &fileName, QString newType="", int s=0)FF7Save
exportPC(const QString &fileName)FF7Save
exportPSX(int s, const QString &fileName)FF7Save
exportVGS(const QString &fileName)FF7Save
exportVMC(const QString &fileName)FF7Save
ff7Checksum(int s)FF7Saveprivate
fieldHelp(int s)FF7Save
fileblock(QString fileName)FF7Saveprivate
filetimestamp(QString fileName)FF7Saveprivate
fix_pc_bytemask(int s)FF7Save
fix_psv_header(int s)FF7Saveprivate
fix_psx_header(int s)FF7Saveprivate
fixMetaData(QString fileName="", QString OutPath="", QString UserID="")FF7Save
gil(int s)FF7Save
GLACIERMAP enum valueFF7Save
GLASSTIARA enum valueFF7Save
GOLDTICKET enum valueFF7Save
gp(int s)FF7Save
importCharacter(int s, int char_num, QByteArray new_char)FF7Save
importSlot(int s=0, QString fileName="", int fileSlot=0)FF7Save
isFF7(int s)FF7Save
isJPN(int s)FF7Save
isNTSC(int s)FF7Save
isPAL(int s)FF7Save
isSlotEmpty(int s)FF7Save
isSlotModified(int s)FF7Save
item(int s, int item_num)FF7Save
itemDecode(quint16 itemraw)FF7Saveprivate
itemEncode(quint16 id, quint8 qty)FF7Saveprivate
itemId(int s, int item_num)FF7Save
itemId(quint16 rawitem)FF7Save
itemMask1(int s, int bit)FF7Save
itemQty(int s, int item_num)FF7Save
itemQty(quint16 rawitem)FF7Save
items(int s)FF7Save
KEYCARD60 enum valueFF7Save
KEYCARD62 enum valueFF7Save
KEYCARD65 enum valueFF7Save
KEYCARD66 enum valueFF7Save
KEYCARD68 enum valueFF7Save
keyItem(int s, int keyItem)FF7Save
KEYITEMS enum nameFF7Save
keyItems(int s)FF7Save
KEYSTONE enum valueFF7Save
KEYTOSECTOR5 enum valueFF7Save
killedEmeraldWeapon(int s)FF7Save
killedRubyWeapon(int s)FF7Save
LINGERIE enum valueFF7Save
loadFile(const QString &fileName)FF7Save
location(int s)FF7Save
locationD(int s)FF7Save
locationId(int s)FF7Save
locationT(int s)FF7Save
locationX(int s)FF7Save
locationY(int s)FF7Save
love(int s, bool battle, LOVER who)FF7Save
LOVE_AERIS enum valueFF7Save
LOVE_BARRET enum valueFF7Save
LOVE_TIFA enum valueFF7Save
LOVE_YUFFIE enum valueFF7Save
LOVER enum nameFF7Save
LUNARHARP enum valueFF7Save
MAGIC_AIR enum valueFF7Save
MAGIC_ARI enum valueFF7Save
MAGIC_IAR enum valueFF7Save
MAGIC_IRA enum valueFF7Save
MAGIC_RAI enum valueFF7Save
MAGIC_RIA enum valueFF7Save
MAGICORDER enum nameFF7Save
magicOrder(int s)FF7Save
mainProgress(int s)FF7Save
mapId(int s)FF7Save
materiaCave(int s, MATERIACAVE cave)FF7Save
MATERIACAVE enum nameFF7Save
md5sum(QString fileName, QString UserID)FF7Saveprivate
MEMBERSCARD enum valueFF7Save
MENUCONFIG enum valueFF7Save
MENUFORM enum valueFF7Save
MENUITEM enum valueFF7Save
MENUITEMS enum nameFF7Save
MENULIMIT enum valueFF7Save
menuLocked(int s, int index)FF7Save
menuLocked(int s)FF7Save
MENUMAGIC enum valueFF7Save
MENUMATERIA enum valueFF7Save
MENUPHS enum valueFF7Save
MENUSAVE enum valueFF7Save
MENUSTATUS enum valueFF7Save
menuVisible(int s, int index)FF7Save
menuVisible(int s)FF7Save
messageSpeed(int s)FF7Save
MIDGARPARTS1 enum valueFF7Save
MIDGARPARTS2 enum valueFF7Save
MIDGARPARTS3 enum valueFF7Save
MIDGARPARTS4 enum valueFF7Save
MIDGARPARTS5 enum valueFF7Save
midgarTrainFlags(int s, int bit)FF7Save
MYTHRIL enum valueFF7Save
newGame(int s, QString fileName="")FF7Save
newGamePlus(int s, QString CharFileName, QString fileName="")FF7Save
options(int s)FF7Save
parseXML(QString fileName, QString metadataPath, QString UserID)FF7Saveprivate
party(int s, int pos)FF7Save
partyMateriaAp(int s, int mat_num)FF7Save
partyMateriaId(int s, int mat_num)FF7Save
pasteSlot(int s)FF7Save
PHS enum valueFF7Save
phsAllowed(int s, int who)FF7Save
phsAllowed(int s)FF7Save
phsVisible(int s, int who)FF7Save
phsVisible(int s)FF7Save
psx_block_next(int s)FF7Save
psx_block_size(int s)FF7Save
psx_block_type(int s)FF7Save
PSXBUTTON enum nameFF7Save
psxDesc(int s)FF7Save
rawCharacterData(int s, int char_num)FF7Save
region(int s)FF7Save
RUBYTIATA enum valueFF7Save
runs(int s)FF7Save
SATINDRESS enum valueFF7Save
saveFile(const QString &fileName)FF7Save
seenPandorasBox(int s)FF7Save
setAtbMode(int s, int mode)FF7Save
setBattleHelp(int s, bool shown)FF7Save
setBattleMessageSpeed(int s, int speed)FF7Save
setBattlePoints(int s, quint16)FF7Save
setBattles(int s, int battles)FF7Save
setBattleSpeed(int s, int speed)FF7Save
setBattleTargets(int s, bool shown)FF7Save
setBikeHighScore(int s, quint16 score)FF7Save
setBmProgress1(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setBmProgress1(int s, int value)FF7Save
setBmProgress2(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setBmProgress2(int s, int value)FF7Save
setBmProgress3(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setBmProgress3(int s, int value)FF7Save
setCameraMode(int s, int mode)FF7Save
setCameraMode(int s, bool mode)FF7Save
setCanFightNinjaInForest(int s, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setCharAccessory(int s, int char_num, quint8 accessory)FF7Save
setCharacter(int s, int char_num, FF7CHAR new_char)FF7Save
setCharArmor(int s, int char_num, quint8 armor)FF7Save
setCharBaseHp(int s, int char_num, quint16 baseHp)FF7Save
setCharBaseMp(int s, int char_num, quint16 baseMp)FF7Save
setCharCurrentExp(int s, int char_num, quint32 exp)FF7Save
setCharCurrentHp(int s, int char_num, quint16 curHp)FF7Save
setCharCurrentMp(int s, int char_num, quint16 curMp)FF7Save
setCharDex(int s, int char_num, quint8 dex)FF7Save
setCharDexBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 dexbonus)FF7Save
setCharFlag(int s, int char_num, int flag_num, quint8 flag_value)FF7Save
setCharID(int s, int char_num, qint8 new_id)FF7Save
setCharKills(int s, int char_num, quint16 kills)FF7Save
setCharLck(int s, int char_num, quint8 lck)FF7Save
setCharLckBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 lckbonus)FF7Save
setCharLevel(int s, int char_num, qint8 new_level)FF7Save
setCharLimitBar(int s, int char_num, quint8 limitbar)FF7Save
setCharLimitLevel(int s, int char_num, qint8 limitlevel)FF7Save
setCharLimits(int s, int char_num, quint16 new_limits)FF7Save
setCharMag(int s, int char_num, quint8 mag)FF7Save
setCharMagBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 magbonus)FF7Save
setCharMateria(int s, int who, int mat_num, quint8 id, qint32 ap)FF7Save
setCharMateria(int s, int who, int mat_num, materia mat)FF7Save
setCharMaxHp(int s, int char_num, quint16 maxHp)FF7Save
setCharMaxMp(int s, int char_num, quint16 maxMp)FF7Save
setCharName(int s, int char_num, QString new_name)FF7Save
setCharNextExp(int s, int char_num, quint32 next)FF7Save
setCharSpi(int s, int char_num, quint8 spi)FF7Save
setCharSpiBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 spibonus)FF7Save
setCharStr(int s, int char_num, quint8 str)FF7Save
setCharStrBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 strbonus)FF7Save
setCharTimeLimitUsed(int s, int char_num, int level, quint16 timesused)FF7Save
setCharUnknown(int s, int char_num, int unknown_num, quint8 value)FF7Save
setCharVit(int s, int char_num, quint8 vit)FF7Save
setCharVitBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 vitbonus)FF7Save
setCharWeapon(int s, int char_num, quint8 weapon)FF7Save
setChocoAccel(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoboPen(int s, int pen, qint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoboPen(int s, int pos, int type)FF7Save
setChocoboRating(int s, int stable, int rating)FF7Save
setChocoCantMate(int s, int chocoSlot, bool cantMate)FF7Save
setChocoCoop(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoIntelligence(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoMaxSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 maxspeed)FF7Save
setChocoMaxSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 maxsprintSpeed)FF7Save
setChocoName(int s, int choco_num, QString new_name)FF7Save
setChocoPCount(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoPersonality(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoRaceswon(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoSex(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChocoSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 speed)FF7Save
setChocoSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 sprintSpeed)FF7Save
setChocoStamina(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 stamina)FF7Save
setChocoType(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)FF7Save
setChurchProgress(int s, int progress)FF7Save
setCondorFunds(int s, quint16 value)FF7Save
setCondorLosses(int s, quint8 losses)FF7Save
setCondorWins(int s, quint8 wins)FF7Save
setControllerMapping(int s, QByteArray map)FF7Save
setControllerMapping(int s, int action, int button)FF7Save
setControlMode(int s, int mode)FF7Save
setControlMode(int s, bool mode)FF7Save
setCountdownTimer(int s, quint32 time)FF7Save
setCraterSavePointMapID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setCraterSavePointX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setCraterSavePointY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setCraterSavePointZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setCursorMode(int s, int mode)FF7Save
setCursorMode(int s, bool mode)FF7Save
setDescCurHP(int s, quint16 new_curHP)FF7Save
setDescCurMP(int s, quint16 new_curMP)FF7Save
setDescGil(int s, quint32 new_gil)FF7Save
setDescLevel(int s, int new_level)FF7Save
setDescLocation(int s, QString new_desc_location)FF7Save
setDescMaxHP(int s, quint16 new_maxHP)FF7Save
setDescMaxMP(int s, quint16 new_maxMP)FF7Save
setDescName(int s, QString new_name)FF7Save
setDescParty(int s, int char_num, quint8 new_id)FF7Save
setDescTime(int s, quint32 new_time)FF7Save
setDialogColorLL(int s, QColor color)FF7Save
setDialogColorLR(int s, QColor color)FF7Save
setDialogColorUL(int s, QColor color)FF7Save
setDialogColorUR(int s, QColor color)FF7Save
setDisc(int s, int disc)FF7Save
setDonProgress(int s, int progress)FF7Save
setFieldHelp(int s, bool shown)FF7Save
setFileFooter(QByteArray data)FF7Save
setFileHeader(QByteArray data)FF7Save
setFileModified(bool, int s)FF7Save
setGil(int s, int gil)FF7Save
setGp(int s, int gp)FF7Save
setItem(int s, int item_num, quint16 rawitem)FF7Save
setItem(int s, int item_num, quint16 new_id, quint8 new_qty)FF7Save
setItemMask1(int s, int bit, bool pickedUp)FF7Save
setItems(int s, QList< quint16 > items)FF7Save
setKeyItem(int s, int keyItem, bool pickedUp)FF7Save
setKeyItems(int s, QByteArray data)FF7Save
setKilledEmeraldWeapon(int s, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setKilledRubyWeapon(int s, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setLocation(int s, QString new_location)FF7Save
setLocationD(int s, quint8 d)FF7Save
setLocationId(int s, quint16 locationID)FF7Save
setLocationT(int s, quint16 t)FF7Save
setLocationX(int s, qint16 x)FF7Save
setLocationY(int s, qint16 y)FF7Save
setLove(int s, bool battle, LOVER who, quint8 love)FF7Save
setMagicOrder(int s, int order)FF7Save
setMainProgress(int s, int mProgress)FF7Save
setMapId(int s, quint16 mapID)FF7Save
setMateriaCave(int s, MATERIACAVE cave, bool isEmpty)FF7Save
setMenuLocked(int s, int index, bool checked)FF7Save
setMenuLocked(int s, quint16 menu_visible)FF7Save
setMenuVisible(int s, int index, bool checked)FF7Save
setMenuVisible(int s, quint16 menu_visible)FF7Save
setMessageSpeed(int s, int speed)FF7Save
setMidgarTrainFlags(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setMidgarTrainFlags(int s, int value)FF7Save
setOptions(int s, int opt)FF7Save
setParty(int s, int pos, int new_id)FF7Save
setPartyMateria(int s, int mat_num, quint8 id, qint32 ap)FF7Save
setPhsAllowed(int s, int who, bool checked)FF7Save
setPhsAllowed(int s, quint16 phs_visible)FF7Save
setPhsVisible(int s, int who, bool checked)FF7Save
setPhsVisible(int s, quint16 phs_visible)FF7Save
setPs3Key(QByteArray key)FF7Saveinline
setPs3Seed(QByteArray seed)FF7Saveinline
setPsx_block_next(int s, int next)FF7Save
setPsx_block_size(int s, int blockSize)FF7Save
setPsx_block_type(int s, FF7Save::PSXBLOCKTYPE block_type)FF7Save
setPsxDesc(QString newDesc, int s)FF7Save
setRegion(int s, QString region)FF7Save
setRuns(int s, int runs)FF7Save
setSaveNumber(int s, int saveNum)FF7Save
setSeenPandorasBox(int s, bool seen)FF7Save
setSlotFF7Data(int s, QByteArray data)FF7Save
setSlotFF7Data(int s, FF7SLOT data)FF7Save
setSlotFooter(int s, QByteArray data)FF7Save
setSlotHeader(int s, QByteArray data)FF7Save
setSlotPsxRawData(int s, QByteArray data)FF7Save
setSnowboardScore(int s, int course, quint8 score)FF7Save
setSnowboardTime(int s, int course, QString time)FF7Save
setSoundMode(int s, int mode)FF7Save
setSoundMode(int s, bool mode)FF7Save
setSpeedScore(int s, int rank, quint16 score)FF7Save
setStableMask(int s, qint8 value)FF7Save
setStablesOccupied(int s, qint8 value)FF7Save
setStablesOwned(int s, qint8 value)FF7Save
setStartBombingMission(int s, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setSteps(int s, int steps)FF7Save
setStolenMateria(int s, int mat_num, quint8 id, qint32 ap)FF7Save
setSubMiniGameVictory(int s, bool won)FF7Save
setTime(int s, quint32 new_time)FF7Save
setTurtleParadiseFlyerSeen(int s, int flyer, bool seen)FF7Save
setTurtleParadiseFlyersSeen(int s, quint8 flyersSeen)FF7Save
setTutSave(int s, int value)FF7Save
setTutSub(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setTutSub(int s, int value)FF7Save
setUnknown(int s, int z, QByteArray data)FF7Save
setUWeaponHp(int s, int hp)FF7Save
setVincentUnlocked(int s, bool isUnlocked)FF7Save
setWorldChocobo(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsBh(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsBhAngle(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsBhID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsBhX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsBhY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsBhZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsDurw(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsDurwAngle(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsDurwID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsDurwX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsDurwY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsDurwZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsLeader(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsLeaderAngle(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsLeaderID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsLeaderX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsLeaderY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsLeaderZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsSub(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsSubAngle(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsSubID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsSubX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsSubY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsSubZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsTc(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsTcAngle(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsTcID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsTcX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsTcY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsTcZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsWchoco(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsWchocoAngle(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsWchocoID(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsWchocoX(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsWchocoY(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldCoordsWchocoZ(int s, int value)FF7Save
setWorldVehicle(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)FF7Save
setYuffieUnlocked(int s, bool isUnlocked)FF7Save
SEXYCOLOGNE enum valueFF7Save
SILKDRESS enum valueFF7Save
slotFF7Data(int s)FF7Save
slotFooter(int s)FF7Save
slotHeader(int s)FF7Save
slotIcon(int s)FF7Save
slotPsxRawData(int s)FF7Save
SNOWBOARD enum valueFF7Save
snowboardScore(int s, int course)FF7Save
snowboardTime(int s, int course)FF7Save
SOUND_MONO enum valueFF7Save
SOUND_STEREO enum valueFF7Save
soundMode(int s)FF7Save
SOUNDMODE enum nameFF7Save
speedScore(int s, int rank)FF7Save
stableMask(int s)FF7Save
stablesOccupied(int s)FF7Save
stablesOwned(int s)FF7Save
startBombingMission(int s)FF7Save
steps(int s)FF7Save
stolenMateriaAp(int s, int mat_num)FF7Save
stolenMateriaId(int s, int mat_num)FF7Save
SubContainer typedefFF7Save
subMiniGameVictory(int s)FF7Save
time(int s)FF7Save
turtleParadiseFlyerSeen(int s, int flyer)FF7Save
turtleParadiseFlyersSeen(int s)FF7Save
tutSave(int s)FF7Save
tutSub(int s)FF7Save
tutSub(int s, int bit)FF7Save
unknown(int s, int z)FF7Save
uWeaponHp(int s)FF7Save
vincentUnlocked(int s)FF7Save
vmcRegionEval(int s)FF7Saveprivate
WCHOCO_BLACK enum valueFF7Save
WCHOCO_BLUE enum valueFF7Save
WCHOCO_GOLD enum valueFF7Save
WCHOCO_GREEN enum valueFF7Save
WCHOCO_WILD enum valueFF7Save
WCHOCO_YELLOW enum valueFF7Save
WIG enum valueFF7Save
worldChocobo(int s, int bit)FF7Save
worldCoordsBh(int s, bool firstChunk)FF7Save
worldCoordsBhAngle(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsBhID(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsBhX(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsBhY(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsBhZ(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsDurw(int s, bool firstChunk)FF7Save
worldCoordsDurwAngle(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsDurwID(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsDurwX(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsDurwY(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsDurwZ(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsLeader(int s, bool firstChunk)FF7Save
worldCoordsLeaderAngle(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsLeaderID(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsLeaderX(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsLeaderY(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsLeaderZ(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsSub(int s, bool firstChunk)FF7Save
worldCoordsSubAngle(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsSubID(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsSubX(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsSubY(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsSubZ(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsTc(int s, bool firstChunk)FF7Save
worldCoordsTcAngle(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsTcID(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsTcX(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsTcY(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsTcZ(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsWchoco(int s, bool firstChunk)FF7Save
worldCoordsWchocoAngle(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsWchocoID(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsWchocoX(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsWchocoY(int s)FF7Save
worldCoordsWchocoZ(int s)FF7Save
worldVehicle(int s, int bit)FF7Save
WVEHCILE_BUGGY enum valueFF7Save
yuffieUnlocked(int s)FF7Save