ff7tk  0.02
Toolkit for making FF7 Tools
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAchievementEditorA QWidget editor for achievements.dat file from 2012 and 2013 release of Final Fantasy 7
 CArchiveDevice list in a file system or an archive file
 CCharacterHolds all data for a single Character
 CCharEditorWidget to allow editing of a character using FF7Char for data
 CChocoboLabelA Label to display a single chocobo's brief data
 CDoubleCheckBoxOne text two checkable boxes
 CFF7AchievementsWork with achievements.dat
 CFF7CharData and Enums for Characters in Final Fantasy 7
 CFF7CHARCharacter Info in the save game
 CFF7CHOCOBOChocobo in save game
 CFF7DESCDescription of savegame used for previews
 CFF7FieldItemListData Class to allow the tracking and changing of items being picked up on the field
 CFF7ItemClass containg all kinds of info about items in FF7
 CFF7LocationInfo about field locations
 CFF7SaveEdit saves from Final Fantasy 7
 CFF7SLOTMain FF7 Save Data Structure
 CFF7TEXTConvert ff7text <-> pc string
 CFieldItemListData structure to hold field item changes
 CITEMDatatype for one item "kernel" style
 CLOCATIONType for holding location data
 CLocationViewerSet Saves Location or View Field Locations and Toggle the items picked up from them
 CmateriaMateria format saved in materia list or on a character
 CMenuListWidgetEasily manage the menus in Final Fantasy 7
 COptionsWidgetA Single widget to allow you to set all the options for the game will save emit a signal when any option changes
 CPhsListWidgetEasily manage the who can be in the phs
 CSaveIconPSX icon data as a QPixmap
 CSlotPreviewPreview a Single Slot on a Psx memory card or FF7 Save file
 CSlotSelectDisplay a preview of the contents of a PSX memory card file or FF7 PC save