ff7tk  0.02
Toolkit for making FF7 Tools
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1 /****************************************************************************/
2 // copyright 2012 -2016 Chris Rizzitello <sithlord48@gmail.com> //
3 // //
4 // This file is part of FF7tk //
5 // //
6 // FF7tk is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify //
7 // it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by //
8 // the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or //
9 // (at your option) any later version. //
10 // //
11 // FF7tk is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, //
12 // but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of //
14 // GNU General Public License for more details. //
15 /****************************************************************************/
17 #ifndef DEF_FF7SAVE
18 #define DEF_FF7SAVE
19 //Qt Includes
20 #include <QObject>
21 #include <QColor>
22 #include <cstdlib>
23 #include <QFileInfo>
24 #include <QDateTime>
25 #include <QVector>
26 #include <QtXml/QDomDocument>
27 #include <QTextCodec>
28 //FF7tk Includes
29 #include "FF7Save_Const.h" //All consts placed here
30 #include "FF7Save_Types.h" //All Custom Types for this class here.
31 #include "FF7Text.h"
58 class FF7Save: public QObject{
60  public:
61  //Enums
80  {
85  };
90  enum PSXBUTTON
91  {
96  };
104  enum KEYITEMS
105  {
111  };
112  //Functions
113  explicit FF7Save();
114  //File Members
119  bool loadFile(const QString &fileName);
125  bool saveFile(const QString &fileName);
134  bool exportFile(const QString &fileName,QString newType="",int s=0);
140  bool exportPC(const QString &fileName);
147  bool exportPSX(int s,const QString &fileName);
154  bool exportVMC(const QString &fileName);
160  bool exportDEX(const QString &fileName);
166  bool exportVGS(const QString &fileName);
175  void importSlot(int s=0, QString fileName="",int fileSlot=0);
180  void clearSlot(int s);
185  void copySlot(int s);
190  void pasteSlot(int s);
196  void newGame(int s,QString fileName=""); //new game in slot s (over load default w/ fileName must be RAW PSX)
205  void newGamePlus(int s,QString CharFileName,QString fileName="");//new game + in slot s (over load default w/ fileName must be RAW PSX
213  bool exportCharacter(int s,int char_num,QString fileName);// Write slot[s].char[char_num] to fileName
221  void importCharacter(int s,int char_num,QByteArray new_char);//import new_char to slot[s].char[char_num]
223  typedef QVector< QString > SubContainer;
231  bool fixMetaData(QString fileName="",QString OutPath="",QString UserID="");
233  QByteArray fileHeader(void);
239  bool setFileHeader(QByteArray data);
241  QByteArray fileFooter(void);
247  bool setFileFooter(QByteArray data);
249  QByteArray slotHeader(int s);
256  bool setSlotHeader(int s,QByteArray data);
258  QByteArray slotFooter(int s);
265  bool setSlotFooter(int s,QByteArray data);
267  QByteArray slotPsxRawData(int s);
276  bool setSlotPsxRawData(int s,QByteArray data);
278  QByteArray slotFF7Data(int s);
285  bool setSlotFF7Data(int s, QByteArray data);
286  bool setSlotFF7Data(int s, FF7SLOT data);
288  QList<QByteArray> slotIcon(int s);
294  QList<qint8> chocoboPens(int s);
301  void setChocoboPen(int s,int pen,qint8 value);
307  quint8 condorWins(int s);
314  void setCondorWins(int s,quint8 wins);
320  quint8 condorLosses(int s);
326  void setCondorLosses(int s, quint8 losses);
331  quint16 condorFunds(int s);
337  void setCondorFunds(int s,quint16 value);
338  //Field Location
344  quint16 locationId(int s);
350  void setLocationId(int s, quint16 locationID);
356  quint16 mapId(int s);
362  void setMapId(int s, quint16 mapID);
368  qint16 locationX(int s);
374  void setLocationX(int s, qint16 x);
380  qint16 locationY(int s);
386  void setLocationY(int s, qint16 y);
392  quint16 locationT(int s);
398  void setLocationT(int s, quint16 t);
404  quint8 locationD (int s);
410  void setLocationD(int s,quint8 d);
416  quint16 craterSavePointMapID(int s);
422  qint16 craterSavePointX(int s);
428  qint16 craterSavePointY(int s);
434  qint16 craterSavePointZ(int s);
440  void setCraterSavePointMapID(int s,int value);
446  void setCraterSavePointX(int s,int value);
452  void setCraterSavePointY(int s,int value);
458  void setCraterSavePointZ(int s,int value);
460  //options
467  QByteArray controllerMapping(int s);
475  void setControllerMapping(int s,QByteArray map);
484  quint8 controllerMapping(int s, int action);
493  void setControllerMapping(int s, int action,int button);
499  quint16 options(int s);
505  void setOptions(int s, int opt);
511  bool soundMode(int s);
517  void setSoundMode(int s, int mode);
519  void setSoundMode(int s, bool mode);
520  bool controlMode(int s);
521  void setControlMode(int s, int mode);
522  void setControlMode(int s, bool mode);
523  bool cursorMode(int s);
524  void setCursorMode(int s, int mode);
525  void setCursorMode(int s, bool mode);
526  int atbMode(int s);
527  void setAtbMode(int s, int mode);
528  bool cameraMode(int s);
529  void setCameraMode(int s, int mode);
530  void setCameraMode(int s, bool mode);
531  int magicOrder(int s);
532  void setMagicOrder(int s , int order);
533  bool battleHelp(int s);
534  void setBattleHelp(int s, bool shown);
535  int battleSpeed(int s);
536  void setBattleSpeed(int s,int speed);
537  int battleMessageSpeed(int s);
538  void setBattleMessageSpeed(int s, int speed);
539  int messageSpeed(int s);
540  void setMessageSpeed(int s, int speed);
541  bool fieldHelp(int s);
542  void setFieldHelp(int s, bool shown);
543  bool battleTargets(int s);
544  void setBattleTargets(int s, bool shown);
546  //Phs/Menu
547  bool phsVisible(int s, int who);
548  void setPhsVisible(int s, int who , bool checked);
549  quint16 phsVisible(int s);
550  void setPhsVisible(int s, quint16 phs_visible);
551  bool phsAllowed(int s,int who);
552  quint16 phsAllowed(int s);
553  void setPhsAllowed(int s, int who , bool checked);
554  void setPhsAllowed(int s, quint16 phs_visible);
555  bool menuVisible(int s, int index);
556  void setMenuVisible(int s, int index , bool checked);
557  quint16 menuVisible(int s);
558  void setMenuVisible(int s, quint16 menu_visible);
559  bool menuLocked(int s, int index);
560  void setMenuLocked(int s, int index , bool checked);
561  quint16 menuLocked(int s);
562  void setMenuLocked(int s, quint16 menu_visible);
563  //item info
564  quint16 item(int s,int item_num); //return raw ff7item
565  QList<quint16> items(int s);// return all items
566  quint16 itemId(int s,int item_num);
567  quint16 itemId(quint16 rawitem);
568  quint8 itemQty(int s,int item_num);
569  quint8 itemQty(quint16 rawitem);
570  void setItems(int s,QList<quint16> items);
571  void setItem(int s,int item_num,quint16 rawitem);
572  void setItem(int s,int item_num,quint16 new_id,quint8 new_qty);
573  //materia get/set
574  bool materiaCave(int s,MATERIACAVE cave);
575  void setMateriaCave(int s, MATERIACAVE cave, bool isEmpty);
576  quint8 partyMateriaId(int s,int mat_num);
577  qint32 partyMateriaAp(int s,int mat_num);
578  quint8 stolenMateriaId(int s,int mat_num);
579  qint32 stolenMateriaAp(int s,int mat_num);
580  void setPartyMateria(int s,int mat_num,quint8 id,qint32 ap);
581  void setStolenMateria(int s, int mat_num,quint8 id,qint32 ap);
582  //Description Stuff.
583  quint32 descTime(int s);
584  void setDescTime(int s,quint32 new_time);
585  QString descName(int s);//return the name in the description
586  void setDescName(int s,QString new_name);// desc name = new_name
587  QString descLocation(int s);//return the location string used in the description
588  void setDescLocation(int s, QString new_desc_location);//write new desc location string called from setLocation
589  quint8 descLevel(int s);
590  void setDescLevel(int s,int new_level);
591  quint8 descParty(int s,int char_num);
592  void setDescParty(int s,int char_num,quint8 new_id);
593  quint16 descCurHP(int s);
594  void setDescCurHP(int s,quint16 new_curHP);
595  quint16 descMaxHP(int s);
596  void setDescMaxHP(int s,quint16 new_maxHP);
597  quint16 descCurMP(int s);
598  void setDescCurMP(int s,quint16 new_curMP);
599  quint16 descMaxMP(int s);
600  void setDescMaxMP(int s,quint16 new_maxMP);
601  quint32 descGil(int s);
602  void setDescGil(int s,quint32 new_gil);
603  //Dialog Colors
604  QColor dialogColorUL(int s);
605  QColor dialogColorUR(int s);
606  QColor dialogColorLL(int s);
607  QColor dialogColorLR(int s);
608  void setDialogColorUL(int s,QColor color);
609  void setDialogColorUR(int s,QColor color);
610  void setDialogColorLL(int s,QColor color);
611  void setDialogColorLR(int s,QColor color);
612  // String Functions.
613  QString chocoName(int s,int choco_num);//return choco_num's name.
614  void setChocoName(int s,int choco_num,QString new_name);//write choco_num 's new_name to slot s
615  QString location(int s);// return save location string
616  void setLocation(int s, QString new_location);//set save location string to new_location
617  quint32 gil(int s);
618  void setGil(int s,int gil);
619  quint16 gp (int s);
620  void setGp(int s,int gp);
621  quint16 battles (int s);
622  void setBattles(int s,int battles);
623  quint16 runs (int s);
624  void setRuns(int s,int runs);
625  quint8 party(int s,int pos);
626  void setParty(int s,int pos, int new_id);
627  qint8 chocoboPen(int s, int pos);
628  void setChocoboPen(int s, int pos, int type);
629  bool seenPandorasBox(int s);
630  void setSeenPandorasBox(int s,bool seen);
631  //Mini Game Stuff
632  quint8 love(int s,bool battle, LOVER who);
633  void setLove(int s,bool battle, LOVER who ,quint8 love);
634  quint16 speedScore(int s, int rank);
635  void setSpeedScore(int s,int rank,quint16 score);
636  quint16 bikeHighScore(int s);
637  void setBikeHighScore(int s,quint16 score);
638  QString snowboardTime(int s,int course);
639  void setSnowboardTime(int s,int course,QString time);
640  quint8 snowboardScore(int s,int course);
641  void setSnowboardScore(int s,int course,quint8 score);
642  quint32 countdownTimer(int s);
643  void setCountdownTimer(int s,quint32 time);
644  //Char Releated Functions
645  FF7CHAR character(int s,int char_num); //Return Full Char
646  QByteArray rawCharacterData(int s, int char_num);
647  quint8 charID(int s,int char_num);//Return Char ID
648  quint8 charLevel(int s,int char_num);//Return Char Level
649  quint8 charStr(int s,int char_num);
650  quint8 charVit(int s,int char_num);
651  quint8 charMag(int s,int char_num);
652  quint8 charSpi(int s,int char_num);
653  quint8 charDex(int s,int char_num);
654  quint8 charLck(int s,int char_num);
655  quint8 charStrBonus(int s,int char_num);
656  quint8 charVitBonus(int s,int char_num);
657  quint8 charMagBonus(int s,int char_num);
658  quint8 charSpiBonus(int s,int char_num);
659  quint8 charDexBonus(int s,int char_num);
660  quint8 charLckBonus(int s,int char_num);
661  qint8 charLimitLevel(int s,int char_num);
662  quint8 charLimitBar(int s,int char_num);
663  QString charName(int s,int char_num);//Return Char name
664  quint8 charWeapon(int s,int char_num);
665  quint8 charArmor(int s,int char_num);
666  quint8 charAccessory(int s,int char_num);
667  quint8 charFlag(int s,int char_num,int flag_num);
668  quint16 charLimits(int s,int char_num);//Return Char ID
669  quint16 charKills(int s,int char_num);//Return Char Level
670  quint16 charTimesLimitUsed(int s,int char_num,int level);
671  quint16 charCurrentHp(int s,int char_num);
672  quint16 charBaseHp(int s,int char_num);
673  quint16 charCurrentMp(int s,int char_num);
674  quint16 charBaseMp(int s,int char_num);
675  quint8 charUnknown(int s,int char_num,int unknown_num);
676  quint16 charMaxHp(int s,int char_num);
677  quint16 charMaxMp(int s,int char_num);
678  quint32 charCurrentExp(int s,int char_num);
679  quint32 charNextExp(int s,int char_num);
680  quint8 charMateriaId(int s,int who,int mat_num);
681  qint32 charMateriaAp(int s,int who,int mat_num);
682  void setCharacter(int s,int char_num,FF7CHAR new_char);
683  void setCharID(int s,int char_num,qint8 new_id);
684  void setCharLevel(int s,int char_num,qint8 new_level);
685  void setCharStr(int s,int char_num,quint8 str);
686  void setCharVit(int s,int char_num,quint8 vit);
687  void setCharMag(int s,int char_num,quint8 mag);
688  void setCharSpi(int s,int char_num,quint8 spi);
689  void setCharDex(int s,int char_num,quint8 dex);
690  void setCharLck(int s,int char_num,quint8 lck);
691  void setCharStrBonus(int s,int char_num,quint8 strbonus);
692  void setCharVitBonus(int s,int char_num,quint8 vitbonus);
693  void setCharMagBonus(int s,int char_num,quint8 magbonus);
694  void setCharSpiBonus(int s,int char_num,quint8 spibonus);
695  void setCharDexBonus(int s,int char_num,quint8 dexbonus);
696  void setCharLckBonus(int s,int char_num,quint8 lckbonus);
697  void setCharLimitLevel(int s,int char_num,qint8 limitlevel);
698  void setCharLimitBar(int s,int char_num,quint8 limitbar);
699  void setCharName(int s,int char_num,QString new_name);//write char_num 's new_name to slot s
700  void setCharWeapon(int s,int char_num,quint8 weapon);
701  void setCharArmor(int s,int char_num,quint8 armor);
702  void setCharAccessory(int s,int char_num,quint8 accessory);
703  void setCharFlag(int s,int char_num,int flag_num,quint8 flag_value);
704  void setCharLimits(int s,int char_num,quint16 new_limits);
705  void setCharKills(int s,int char_num,quint16 kills);
706  void setCharTimeLimitUsed(int s,int char_num,int level,quint16 timesused);
707  void setCharCurrentHp(int s,int char_num,quint16 curHp);
708  void setCharBaseHp(int s,int char_num,quint16 baseHp);
709  void setCharCurrentMp(int s,int char_num,quint16 curMp);
710  void setCharBaseMp(int s,int char_num,quint16 baseMp);
711  void setCharUnknown(int s,int char_num,int unknown_num,quint8 value);
712  void setCharMaxHp(int s,int char_num,quint16 maxHp);
713  void setCharMaxMp(int s,int char_num,quint16 maxMp);
714  void setCharCurrentExp(int s,int char_num,quint32 exp);
715  void setCharNextExp(int s,int char_num,quint32 next);
716  void setCharMateria(int s,int who,int mat_num,quint8 id,qint32 ap);
717  void setCharMateria(int s,int who,int mat_num,materia mat);
718  //chocobo Stuff.
719  QList<FF7CHOCOBO> chocobos(int s);
720  QList<quint16> chocobosStaminas(int s);
721  QList<QString> chocobosNames(int s);
722  QList<bool> chocoboCantMates(int s);
723  qint8 stablesOwned(int s);
724  qint8 stablesOccupied(int s);
725  qint8 stableMask(int s);
726  void setStablesOwned(int s,qint8 value);
727  void setStablesOccupied(int s,qint8 value);
728  void setStableMask(int s,qint8 value);
729  FF7CHOCOBO chocobo(int s,int chocoSlot);
730  quint16 chocoStamina(int s,int chocoSlot);
731  quint16 chocoSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot);
732  quint16 chocoMaxSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot);
733  quint16 chocoSprintSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot);
734  quint16 chocoMaxSprintSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot);
735  quint8 chocoSex(int s, int chocoSlot);
736  quint8 chocoType(int s, int chocoSlot);
737  quint8 chocoCoop(int s, int chocoSlot);
738  quint8 chocoAccel(int s, int chocoSlot);
739  quint8 chocoIntelligence(int s, int chocoSlot);
740  quint8 chocoRaceswon(int s, int chocoSlot);
741  quint8 chocoPCount(int s, int chocoSlot);
742  quint8 chocoPersonality(int s, int chocoSlot);
743  bool chocoCantMate(int s, int chocoSlot);
744  void setChocoStamina(int s,int chocoSlot,quint16 stamina);
745  void setChocoSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot,quint16 speed);
746  void setChocoMaxSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot,quint16 maxspeed);
747  void setChocoSprintSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot,quint16 sprintSpeed);
748  void setChocoMaxSprintSpeed(int s,int chocoSlot,quint16 maxsprintSpeed);
749  void setChocoSex(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
750  void setChocoType(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
751  void setChocoCoop(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
752  void setChocoAccel(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
753  void setChocoIntelligence(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
754  void setChocoRaceswon(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
755  void setChocoPCount(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
756  void setChocoPersonality(int s, int chocoSlot,quint8 value);
757  void setChocoCantMate(int s,int chocoSlot,bool cantMate);
758  // Return File Info
759  int lenFile(void);//Return File length.
760  int lenFileHeader(void);//Return File Header length
761  int lenFileFooter(void);//Return File Footer length
762  int lenCoreSave(void);//Return Slot length (data portion)
763  int lenSlotHeader(void);//Return slot header length
764  int lenSlotFooter(void);//Return slot footer length
765  int lenSlot(void);//Return Slot length
766  int numberOfSlots(void);//Return number of slots in the file_footer_dex
767  QString fileName(void);//return loaded filename
768  QString type(void);// Returns the file type loaded.
769  void setFileModified(bool,int s);//file changed toggle, with slot called
770  void setRegion(int s ,QString region);
771  bool isFileModified(void);//has the file changed since load
772  bool isSlotModified(int s);//has slot[s] changed since load.
773  bool isSlotEmpty(int s);//is Slot s empty
774  bool isFF7(int s);//valid ff7 slot?
775  bool isPAL(int s);//PAL SLOT?
776  bool isNTSC(int s);//NTSC SLOT??
777  bool isJPN(int s);//is a Japanese File
778  QString region(int s);// region string of slot s
779  //Set Needed Info Stuffs
780  void setType(QString);//allows for slot change.
782  quint8 psx_block_type(int s);//mask of psx slot (used by index)
783  void setPsx_block_type(int s,FF7Save::PSXBLOCKTYPE block_type);
784  quint8 psx_block_next(int s);// if using more then one block return location of next block
785  void setPsx_block_next(int s,int next);
786  quint8 psx_block_size(int s);//how many blocks save uses.
787  void setPsx_block_size(int s,int blockSize);
788  void fix_pc_bytemask(int s);// update so last slot is shown selected on load (must be public to set to currently viewed slot).
789  //more data members
790  QByteArray unknown(int s,int z);
791  bool setUnknown(int s,int z,QByteArray data);
792  quint16 steps(int s);
793  void setSteps(int s,int steps);
794  quint8 churchProgress(int s);
795  void setChurchProgress(int s,int progress);
796  quint8 donProgress(int s);
797  void setDonProgress(int s,int progress);
798  quint16 battlePoints(int s);
799  void setBattlePoints(int s,quint16);
800  quint32 time(int s);
801  void setTime(int s,quint32 new_time);
802  void setDisc(int s,int disc);
803  quint8 disc(int s);
804  quint16 mainProgress(int s);
805  void setMainProgress(int s,int mProgress);
806  QByteArray keyItems(int s);
807  bool setKeyItems(int s,QByteArray data);
808  bool keyItem(int s, int keyItem);
809  void setKeyItem(int s, int keyItem,bool pickedUp);
810  bool itemMask1(int s, int bit);
811  void setItemMask1(int s, int bit, bool pickedUp);
812  bool bmProgress1(int s, int bit);
813  void setBmProgress1(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
814  void setBmProgress1(int s, int value);
815  bool bmProgress2(int s, int bit);
816  void setBmProgress2(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
817  void setBmProgress2(int s, int value);
818  bool bmProgress3(int s, int bit);
819  void setBmProgress3(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
820  void setBmProgress3(int s, int value);
821  bool midgarTrainFlags(int s, int bit);
822  void setMidgarTrainFlags(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
823  void setMidgarTrainFlags(int s, int value);
824  bool turtleParadiseFlyerSeen(int s, int flyer);
825  quint8 turtleParadiseFlyersSeen(int s);
826  void setTurtleParadiseFlyerSeen(int s, int flyer,bool seen);
827  void setTurtleParadiseFlyersSeen(int s,quint8 flyersSeen);
828  bool startBombingMission(int s);
829  void setStartBombingMission(int s,bool isTrue);
830  quint32 uWeaponHp(int s);
831  void setUWeaponHp(int s,int hp);
832  bool killedEmeraldWeapon(int s);
833  void setKilledEmeraldWeapon(int s,bool isTrue);
834  bool killedRubyWeapon(int s);
835  void setKilledRubyWeapon(int s,bool isTrue);
836  quint8 tutSave(int s);
837  void setTutSave(int s, int value);
838  bool canFightNinjaInForest(int s);
839  void setCanFightNinjaInForest(int s,bool isTrue);
840  quint8 tutSub(int s);
841  bool tutSub(int s, int bit);
842  void setTutSub(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
843  void setTutSub(int s, int value);
849  bool yuffieUnlocked(int s);
855  void setYuffieUnlocked(int s,bool isUnlocked);
861  bool vincentUnlocked(int s);
867  void setVincentUnlocked(int s,bool isUnlocked);
869  bool worldChocobo(int s, int bit);
870  void setWorldChocobo(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
871  bool worldVehicle(int s, int bit);
872  void setWorldVehicle(int s, int bit, bool isTrue);
873  //World Coords
874  quint32 worldCoordsLeader(int s, bool firstChunk);
875  int worldCoordsLeaderX(int s);
876  int worldCoordsLeaderID(int s);
877  int worldCoordsLeaderAngle(int s);
878  int worldCoordsLeaderY(int s);
879  int worldCoordsLeaderZ(int s);
880  void setWorldCoordsLeader(int s,bool firstChunk,int value);
881  void setWorldCoordsLeaderX(int s,int value);
882  void setWorldCoordsLeaderID(int s,int value);
883  void setWorldCoordsLeaderAngle(int s,int value);
884  void setWorldCoordsLeaderY(int s,int value);
885  void setWorldCoordsLeaderZ(int s,int value);
886  quint32 worldCoordsTc(int s, bool firstChunk);
887  int worldCoordsTcX(int s);
888  int worldCoordsTcID(int s);
889  int worldCoordsTcAngle(int s);
890  int worldCoordsTcY(int s);
891  int worldCoordsTcZ(int s);
892  void setWorldCoordsTc(int s,bool firstChunk,int value);
893  void setWorldCoordsTcX(int s,int value);
894  void setWorldCoordsTcID(int s,int value);
895  void setWorldCoordsTcAngle(int s,int value);
896  void setWorldCoordsTcY(int s,int value);
897  void setWorldCoordsTcZ(int s,int value);
898  quint32 worldCoordsBh(int s, bool firstChunk);
899  int worldCoordsBhX(int s);
900  int worldCoordsBhID(int s);
901  int worldCoordsBhAngle(int s);
902  int worldCoordsBhY(int s);
903  int worldCoordsBhZ(int s);
904  void setWorldCoordsBh(int s,bool firstChunk,int value);
905  void setWorldCoordsBhX(int s,int value);
906  void setWorldCoordsBhID(int s,int value);
907  void setWorldCoordsBhAngle(int s,int value);
908  void setWorldCoordsBhY(int s,int value);
909  void setWorldCoordsBhZ(int s,int value);
910  quint32 worldCoordsSub(int s, bool firstChunk);
911  int worldCoordsSubX(int s);
912  int worldCoordsSubID(int s);
913  int worldCoordsSubAngle(int s);
914  int worldCoordsSubY(int s);
915  int worldCoordsSubZ(int s);
916  void setWorldCoordsSub(int s,bool firstChunk,int value);
917  void setWorldCoordsSubX(int s,int value);
918  void setWorldCoordsSubID(int s,int value);
919  void setWorldCoordsSubAngle(int s,int value);
920  void setWorldCoordsSubY(int s,int value);
921  void setWorldCoordsSubZ(int s,int value);
922  quint32 worldCoordsWchoco(int s, bool firstChunk);
923  int worldCoordsWchocoX(int s);
924  int worldCoordsWchocoID(int s);
925  int worldCoordsWchocoAngle(int s);
926  int worldCoordsWchocoY(int s);
927  int worldCoordsWchocoZ(int s);
928  void setWorldCoordsWchoco(int s,bool firstChunk,int value);
929  void setWorldCoordsWchocoX(int s,int value);
930  void setWorldCoordsWchocoID(int s,int value);
931  void setWorldCoordsWchocoAngle(int s,int value);
932  void setWorldCoordsWchocoY(int s,int value);
933  void setWorldCoordsWchocoZ(int s,int value);
934  quint32 worldCoordsDurw(int s, bool firstChunk);
935  int worldCoordsDurwX(int s);
936  int worldCoordsDurwID(int s);
937  int worldCoordsDurwAngle(int s);
938  int worldCoordsDurwY(int s);
939  int worldCoordsDurwZ(int s);
940  void setWorldCoordsDurw(int s,bool firstChunk,int value);
941  void setWorldCoordsDurwX(int s,int value);
942  void setWorldCoordsDurwID(int s,int value);
943  void setWorldCoordsDurwAngle(int s,int value);
944  void setWorldCoordsDurwY(int s,int value);
945  void setWorldCoordsDurwZ(int s,int value);
946  void setSaveNumber(int s,int saveNum);
948  bool subMiniGameVictory(int s);
949  void setSubMiniGameVictory(int s,bool won);
956  quint8 chocoboRating(int s,int stable);
965  void setChocoboRating(int s,int stable,int rating);
966  QList<quint8> chocoboRatings(int s);
973  QString psxDesc(int s);
981  void setPsxDesc(QString newDesc, int s);
983  inline void setPs3Key(QByteArray key){PS3Key=key;}
984  inline void setPs3Seed(QByteArray seed){PS3Seed=seed;}
985  inline QByteArray ps3Key(void){return PS3Key;}
986  inline QByteArray ps3Seed(void){return PS3Seed;}
987 signals:
988  void fileChanged(bool);
989 private:
990  //methods
991  //data members
992  FF7SLOT slot[15]; //core slot data.
993  FF7HEADFOOT hf[15]; //slot header and footer.
994  quint8 * file_headerp; //pointer to file header
995  quint8 * file_footerp; //pointer to file footer
996  quint8 file_header_pc [0x0009]; // [0x0000] 0x06277371 this replace quint8 file_tag[9];
997  //FF7tk Bug Fix #11
998  //quint8 file_header_psx[0x0000]; // [0x0000] 0x06277371 this replace quint8 file_tag[9];
999  quint8 file_header_psv[0x0084];
1000  quint8 file_header_psp[0x2080];
1001  quint8 file_header_vgs[0x2040]; //header for vgs/mem ext format.
1002  quint8 file_header_dex[0x2F40]; //header for gme (dex-drive format)
1003  quint8 file_header_mc [0x2000]; // [0x0000] 0x06277371 this replace quint8 file_tag[9];
1004  //FF7tk Bug Fix #11
1005  //quint8 file_footer_pc [0x0000]; // [0x0000] 0x06277371
1006  //quint8 file_footer_psx[0x0000]; // [0x0000] 0x06277371
1007  //quint8 file_footer_psv[0x0000];
1008  //quint8 file_footer_vgs[0x0000];
1009  //quint8 file_footer_dex[0x0000];
1010  //quint8 file_footer_mc [0x0000]; // [0x0000] 0x06277371
1011  //quint8 file_footer_psp[0x0000];
1012  FF7SLOT buffer_slot;// hold a buffer slot
1013  QString buffer_region; // hold the buffers region data.
1014  QString SG_Region_String[15];
1015  QString filename;//opened file;
1018  bool slotChanged[15];
1019  int SG_SIZE;
1027  QString SG_TYPE;
1028  //private functions
1029  QString md5sum(QString fileName,QString UserID);
1030  QString fileblock(QString fileName);
1031  QString filetimestamp(QString fileName);
1032  void checksumSlots();
1033  quint16 ff7Checksum(int s);
1034  void fix_psv_header(int s);
1035  void fix_psx_header(int s);
1036  void fix_vmc_header(void);
1037  quint16 itemDecode( quint16 itemraw );
1038  quint16 itemEncode( quint16 id, quint8 qty );
1039  void vmcRegionEval(int s);
1040  QVector< SubContainer > parseXML(QString fileName,QString metadataPath,QString UserID);
1041  QVector< SubContainer > createMetadata(QString fileName, QString UserID);
1042  QByteArray PS3Key;
1043  QByteArray PS3Seed;
1044 };
1045 #endif //FF7Save
quint8 locationD(int s)
direction player is facing on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3408
void setCharBaseMp(int s, int char_num, quint16 baseMp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2016
int worldCoordsLeaderY(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3890
Definition: FF7Save.h:1023
qint32 charMateriaAp(int s, int who, int mat_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2046
quint16 itemDecode(quint16 itemraw)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:658
quint8 chocoPCount(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2137
void setWorldCoordsBhX(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4137
qint8 stablesOccupied(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3501
QByteArray ps3Seed(void)
Definition: FF7Save.h:986
bool isNTSC(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1310
QByteArray rawCharacterData(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1932
void setMessageSpeed(int s, int speed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3122
quint8 charFlag(int s, int char_num, int flag_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1957
QList< QByteArray > slotIcon(int s)
return slots save icon. each new frame will be appended to the list.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1578
quint16 charBaseMp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1975
void setSpeedScore(int s, int rank, quint16 score)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1812
QList< qint8 > chocoboPens(int s)
return the chocobos in the pen outside of the chocobo farm
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3525
void setCharMaxHp(int s, int char_num, quint16 maxHp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2018
void setWorldCoordsBhY(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4170
quint8 charWeapon(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1954
QByteArray slotFooter(int s)
Footer for a slot as QByteArray.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:177
void setWorldCoordsTcID(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4039
quint8 itemQty(int s, int item_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:802
QString fileName(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2496
Definition: FF7Save.h:1019
quint8 chocoIntelligence(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2123
void setVincentUnlocked(int s, bool isUnlocked)
set if vincent has been unlocked
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3820
bool exportVGS(const QString &fileName)
attempt to save fileName as a Virtual Game Station format memory card file
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:403
void setPsx_block_next(int s, int next)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1185
quint8 tutSub(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3762
void setCharSpi(int s, int char_num, quint8 spi)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1987
void setCraterSavePointMapID(int s, int value)
set the map that the placeable save point is on
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4532
void setCharCurrentHp(int s, int char_num, quint16 curHp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2013
void setCraterSavePointZ(int s, int value)
set z coordinate of the placeable save point
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4587
int worldCoordsDurwX(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4424
quint8 stolenMateriaId(int s, int mat_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1888
void setLocationId(int s, quint16 locationID)
set location id save is located on
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3334
quint16 charMaxMp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1978
int battleSpeed(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3110
bool setSlotPsxRawData(int s, QByteArray data)
set the slots raw psx data
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:218
void setCharDexBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 dexbonus)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1994
void setPhsAllowed(int s, int who, bool checked)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3245
a chocobo in save game
void setCharLck(int s, int char_num, quint8 lck)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1989
void importSlot(int s=0, QString fileName="", int fileSlot=0)
import from a file into a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:485
quint32 countdownTimer(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3542
Definition: FF7Save.h:1026
void setDialogColorUL(int s, QColor color)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1900
void setWorldCoordsDurwAngle(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4490
QByteArray slotPsxRawData(int s)
QByteArray of a psx save (multiblock saves are ok)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:191
void setWorldCoordsWchocoY(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4390
bool setKeyItems(int s, QByteArray data)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2737
int worldCoordsSubID(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4208
bool isFileModified(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1285
void setCharLimitBar(int s, int char_num, quint8 limitbar)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1997
void setKilledRubyWeapon(int s, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3715
void setWorldCoordsDurwZ(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4513
void setDialogColorLL(int s, QColor color)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1914
void setChocoStamina(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 stamina)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2153
QList< quint8 > chocoboRatings(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4731
int worldCoordsDurwZ(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4444
quint16 descMaxHP(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1664
void setMateriaCave(int s, MATERIACAVE cave, bool isEmpty)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1771
void setWorldVehicle(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3855
void setWorldCoordsSubY(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4280
void setBmProgress1(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2592
quint8 psx_block_next(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1200
quint8 charUnknown(int s, int char_num, int unknown_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1976
quint16 ff7Checksum(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:639
FF7CHAR character(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1930
void setChocoCantMate(int s, int chocoSlot, bool cantMate)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2226
void newGamePlus(int s, QString CharFileName, QString fileName="")
creates a new game + in a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1471
quint8 charDexBonus(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1950
Definition: FF7Save.h:69
create a new FF7Save object
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:33
void setCharLimitLevel(int s, int char_num, qint8 limitlevel)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1996
quint8 charLevel(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1939
quint16 bikeHighScore(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2334
qint8 chocoboPen(int s, int pos)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3531
Final Fantasy 7 Buttons for when on PSX.
Definition: FF7Save.h:90
quint8 condorWins(int s)
wins in fort condor mini game
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3442
void setCharDex(int s, int char_num, quint8 dex)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1988
void fileChanged(bool)
emits when internal data changes
void setPs3Key(QByteArray key)
Definition: FF7Save.h:983
int worldCoordsLeaderX(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3875
bool worldChocobo(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3831
void setBattleSpeed(int s, int speed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3111
void setCharTimeLimitUsed(int s, int char_num, int level, quint16 timesused)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2004
void setChocoIntelligence(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2202
Convert ff7text <-> pc string.
Definition: FF7Text.h:23
quint32 charCurrentExp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1979
void setFileModified(bool, int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2372
bool phsAllowed(int s, int who)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3233
quint32 worldCoordsBh(int s, bool firstChunk)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4084
quint32 descGil(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1667
QColor dialogColorUL(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1895
bool slotChanged[15]
Definition: FF7Save.h:1018
void setGp(int s, int gp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2241
void setWorldCoordsBhID(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4148
void setSnowboardScore(int s, int course, quint8 score)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2323
quint16 chocoMaxSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2074
void setWorldCoordsBhZ(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4182
void setStablesOccupied(int s, qint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3506
bool controlMode(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2980
int lenFile(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1321
quint16 locationId(int s)
Id of the location save is located on.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3328
int worldCoordsBhY(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4108
int worldCoordsWchocoX(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4313
bool menuVisible(int s, int index)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3265
bool bmProgress3(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2647
qint8 stablesOwned(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3489
QColor dialogColorLL(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1897
quint8 charStr(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1940
bool keyItem(int s, int keyItem)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2719
int lenSlotHeader(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1325
bool fileHasChanged
Definition: FF7Save.h:1017
int worldCoordsTcAngle(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3994
quint32 time(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1680
void setChocoSex(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2178
quint8 snowboardScore(int s, int course)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2312
void setTurtleParadiseFlyersSeen(int s, quint8 flyersSeen)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2561
void setSubMiniGameVictory(int s, bool won)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4705
quint16 charTimesLimitUsed(int s, int char_num, int level)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1961
QString psxDesc(int s)
Get Description Text for PSX Slot.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1256
void setPs3Seed(QByteArray seed)
Definition: FF7Save.h:984
void setDescCurHP(int s, quint16 new_curHP)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1671
void setLocationY(int s, qint16 y)
set y coordinate on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3382
QByteArray slotFF7Data(int s)
Return Raw data from the slot.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2514
Used to set the type of block on a PSX memory card (image) when creating the index.
Definition: FF7Save.h:100
quint32 descTime(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1677
void fix_vmc_header(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:895
QByteArray ps3Key(void)
Definition: FF7Save.h:985
void setBmProgress3(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2652
quint32 worldCoordsDurw(int s, bool firstChunk)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4415
QList< quint16 > chocobosStaminas(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3470
void setDescName(int s, QString new_name)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1628
quint16 condorFunds(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3425
int messageSpeed(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3121
quint16 battles(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2248
void setCharVit(int s, int char_num, quint8 vit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1985
void setMidgarTrainFlags(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2683
bool exportPC(const QString &fileName)
attempt to save fileName as a PC ff7save
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:285
void setCharStrBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 strbonus)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1990
quint8 charMag(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1942
void setCharWeapon(int s, int char_num, quint8 weapon)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1998
QString type(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1329
void setWorldCoordsWchoco(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4338
void setParty(int s, int pos, int new_id)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2265
Main FF7 Save Data Structure.
void setLocationD(int s, quint8 d)
set direction player is facing on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3414
QString region(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1109
void setType(QString)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1331
void setChocoRaceswon(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2208
quint8 chocoboRating(int s, int stable)
Get Choco Billy&#39;s Rating of a chocobo.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4713
void setFieldHelp(int s, bool shown)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3143
QByteArray PS3Seed
Definition: FF7Save.h:1043
bool fieldHelp(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3142
quint16 descCurMP(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1665
bool setSlotFooter(int s, QByteArray data)
set the slot footer
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:183
Definition: FF7Save.h:65
QVector< SubContainer > createMetadata(QString fileName, QString UserID)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2421
Definition: FF7Save.h:1020
void setCharMaxMp(int s, int char_num, quint16 maxMp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2019
void setMenuVisible(int s, int index, bool checked)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3271
Definition: FF7Save.h:1021
int atbMode(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3028
void setDescMaxHP(int s, quint16 new_maxHP)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1672
quint8 file_header_dex[0x2F40]
Definition: FF7Save.h:1002
int worldCoordsSubY(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4218
QList< FF7CHOCOBO > chocobos(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3463
QList< QString > chocobosNames(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3477
quint8 charDex(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1944
QString fileblock(QString fileName)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2498
void setPsx_block_size(int s, int blockSize)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1214
bool menuLocked(int s, int index)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3297
void setWorldCoordsSubAngle(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4269
quint16 item(int s, int item_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:778
QList< bool > chocoboCantMates(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3483
quint8 love(int s, bool battle, LOVER who)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1710
void setPsx_block_type(int s, FF7Save::PSXBLOCKTYPE block_type)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1172
Character Info in the save game.
bool chocoCantMate(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2151
void setTurtleParadiseFlyerSeen(int s, int flyer, bool seen)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2550
qint32 stolenMateriaAp(int s, int mat_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1890
void setLove(int s, bool battle, LOVER who, quint8 love)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1735
bool setUnknown(int s, int z, QByteArray data)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2805
void setCondorLosses(int s, quint8 losses)
set how many time you have lost the fort condor mini game
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3457
quint16 mainProgress(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1558
void setGil(int s, int gil)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2233
bool setSlotFF7Data(int s, QByteArray data)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2521
void vmcRegionEval(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4597
void setAtbMode(int s, int mode)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3035
void setMapId(int s, quint16 mapID)
set map id save is located on
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3350
int worldCoordsSubZ(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4223
void setWorldCoordsTcY(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4061
void setWorldCoordsSubX(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4247
quint16 charCurrentMp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1974
void setChocoSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 speed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2154
void setDialogColorUR(int s, QColor color)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1907
void setCharLevel(int s, int char_num, qint8 new_level)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1983
quint8 chocoAccel(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2116
void setWorldCoordsWchocoAngle(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4379
void setDescTime(int s, quint32 new_time)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1678
void setDonProgress(int s, int progress)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3616
void setWorldCoordsLeaderY(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3952
int worldCoordsWchocoY(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4328
quint8 chocoPersonality(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2144
bool cameraMode(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3049
int worldCoordsDurwID(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4429
void setCharBaseHp(int s, int char_num, quint16 baseHp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2014
qint16 locationY(int s)
y coordinate on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3376
QString charName(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1602
void setSteps(int s, int steps)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3577
void setWorldCoordsDurwX(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4468
qint32 partyMateriaAp(int s, int mat_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1862
void setWorldCoordsBhAngle(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4159
int worldCoordsSubAngle(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4213
Definition: FF7Save.h:66
int worldCoordsTcZ(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4004
FF7SLOT slot[15]
Definition: FF7Save.h:992
void setDisc(int s, int disc)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1553
void setWorldChocobo(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3837
QString descName(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1620
QList< quint16 > items(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:779
bool exportFile(const QString &fileName, QString newType="", int s=0)
attempt to export a file as ff7save. A convenance function to call the proper export function ...
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:269
bool worldVehicle(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3849
void setWorldCoordsWchocoZ(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4402
QString buffer_region
Definition: FF7Save.h:1013
quint16 itemEncode(quint16 id, quint8 qty)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:702
bool bmProgress2(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2617
void setCharAccessory(int s, int char_num, quint8 accessory)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2000
Definition: FF7Save.h:70
quint8 charStrBonus(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1946
void setCraterSavePointX(int s, int value)
set x coordinate of the placeable save point
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4550
int worldCoordsWchocoID(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4318
void setMenuLocked(int s, int index, bool checked)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3303
bool loadFile(const QString &fileName)
attempt to load fileName as ff7save
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:50
quint16 charLimits(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1958
Definition: FF7Save.h:68
quint8 * file_footerp
Definition: FF7Save.h:995
QString descLocation(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1638
void setBattlePoints(int s, quint16)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2337
quint16 itemId(int s, int item_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:801
void setCountdownTimer(int s, quint32 time)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3550
void setStableMask(int s, qint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3519
int magicOrder(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3072
void setYuffieUnlocked(int s, bool isUnlocked)
set if yuffie has been unlocked
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3803
void setDescParty(int s, int char_num, quint8 new_id)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1670
quint8 charVitBonus(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1947
void setWorldCoordsDurw(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4449
quint32 uWeaponHp(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3660
quint16 gp(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2240
bool materiaCave(int s, MATERIACAVE cave)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1760
void setSoundMode(int s, int mode)
setSound mode for a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2957
void setCharMagBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 magbonus)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1992
void setDescGil(int s, quint32 new_gil)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1675
bool isSlotModified(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1286
quint32 worldCoordsLeader(int s, bool firstChunk)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3866
int worldCoordsTcX(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3984
qint8 stableMask(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3513
Definition: FF7Save.h:63
void setSnowboardTime(int s, int course, QString time)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2292
quint8 chocoRaceswon(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2130
void setDescCurMP(int s, quint16 new_curMP)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1673
void setCharLimits(int s, int char_num, quint16 new_limits)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2002
void newGame(int s, QString fileName="")
creates a new game in a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1433
void setStablesOwned(int s, qint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3494
bool exportDEX(const QString &fileName)
attempt to save fileName as a DEX Drive format memory card file
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:439
void setWorldCoordsLeaderAngle(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3941
void setChurchProgress(int s, int progress)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3596
void setCharCurrentMp(int s, int char_num, quint16 curMp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2015
int worldCoordsBhZ(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4113
qint16 locationX(int s)
x coordinate on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3360
void setWorldCoordsWchocoX(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4357
quint16 charCurrentHp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1972
void setLocationX(int s, qint16 x)
set x coordinate on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3366
int worldCoordsWchocoZ(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4333
void setChocoName(int s, int choco_num, QString new_name)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1831
void copySlot(int s)
copy a slot Sin to the buffer
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1149
Definition: FF7Save.h:993
quint16 chocoSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2067
quint16 chocoSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2081
void setChocoAccel(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2196
void setRuns(int s, int runs)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2257
void setChocoSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 sprintSpeed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2166
bool midgarTrainFlags(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2678
edit saves from Final Fantasy 7
Definition: FF7Save.h:58
int lenSlotFooter(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1326
bool itemMask1(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2570
void checksumSlots()
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:626
int worldCoordsLeaderID(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3880
void pasteSlot(int s)
paste from the buffer into a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1150
void setWorldCoordsDurwY(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4501
void setCameraMode(int s, int mode)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3051
void setCharMateria(int s, int who, int mat_num, quint8 id, qint32 ap)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2023
QString chocoName(int s, int choco_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1823
void setRegion(int s, QString region)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1110
Definition: FF7Save.h:1027
int numberOfSlots(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1328
void setOptions(int s, int opt)
Set in game options for a slot.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3164
Definition: FF7Save.h:1025
quint8 file_header_vgs[0x2040]
Definition: FF7Save.h:1001
bool phsVisible(int s, int who)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3201
Definition: FF7Save.h:1024
quint16 runs(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2256
bool exportVMC(const QString &fileName)
attempt to save fileName as a Virtual Memory Card (slots without a region string will not be exported...
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:375
void setLocationT(int s, quint16 t)
set t coordinate on field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3398
qint16 craterSavePointX(int s)
x coordinate of the placeable save point
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4542
void setCraterSavePointY(int s, int value)
set y coordinate of the placeable save point
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4569
void setChocoboRating(int s, int stable, int rating)
Set Choco Billy&#39;s Rating of a chocobo.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4721
void setChocoCoop(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2190
void setBmProgress2(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2622
void setItemMask1(int s, int bit, bool pickedUp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2575
int worldCoordsTcY(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3999
void setStolenMateria(int s, int mat_num, quint8 id, qint32 ap)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1867
QByteArray fileHeader(void)
file Header as QByteArray
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:128
bool fixMetaData(QString fileName="", QString OutPath="", QString UserID="")
parse the metadata for 2012 / 2013 release
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2442
void setTutSave(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3733
bool soundMode(int s)
soundMode mono or stero
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2955
void setCharFlag(int s, int char_num, int flag_num, quint8 flag_value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2001
void setKilledEmeraldWeapon(int s, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3691
void setTutSub(int s, int bit, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3772
QString location(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1689
quint8 charID(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1938
quint16 mapId(int s)
map id save is on
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3344
void setCanFightNinjaInForest(int s, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3749
void setWorldCoordsTc(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4009
quint8 churchProgress(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3591
quint8 file_header_psv[0x0084]
Definition: FF7Save.h:999
int lenCoreSave(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1324
materia format saved in materia list or on a character
void setCharID(int s, int char_num, qint8 new_id)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1982
quint8 turtleParadiseFlyersSeen(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2544
quint8 charLckBonus(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1951
void setWorldCoordsSub(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4228
Possible Actions the user can input.
Definition: FF7Save.h:79
quint16 craterSavePointMapID(int s)
map the placeable save point is on
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4524
quint8 * file_headerp
Definition: FF7Save.h:994
quint8 chocoCoop(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2109
quint8 charSpiBonus(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1949
quint8 charAccessory(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1956
quint16 descCurHP(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1663
quint16 charMaxHp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1977
quint8 charMateriaId(int s, int who, int mat_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2045
void setCharUnknown(int s, int char_num, int unknown_num, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2017
quint16 chocoStamina(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2066
int lenSlot(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1327
void setDescLocation(int s, QString new_desc_location)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1647
quint8 charSpi(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1943
void setChocoMaxSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 maxspeed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2160
void setChocoboPen(int s, int pen, qint8 value)
return the chocobos in the pen outside of the chocobo farm
void setCharVitBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 vitbonus)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1991
bool battleHelp(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3098
void setCursorMode(int s, int mode)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3006
void setWorldCoordsSubID(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4258
bool yuffieUnlocked(int s)
has yuffie been unlocked
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3798
bool isFF7(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1292
Definition: FF7Save.h:67
void setDescLevel(int s, int new_level)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1668
int worldCoordsLeaderZ(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3895
quint16 chocoMaxSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2088
void fix_psv_header(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:845
quint8 condorLosses(int s)
losses in fort condor mini game
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3452
quint8 party(int s, int pos)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2264
quint8 psx_block_size(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1230
quint32 gil(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2232
void setCondorFunds(int s, quint16 value)
set how gil you have donated to fort condor
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3433
void setUWeaponHp(int s, int hp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3665
void setTime(int s, quint32 new_time)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1682
int worldCoordsBhAngle(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4103
FF7SLOT buffer_slot
Definition: FF7Save.h:1012
quint32 charNextExp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1980
QByteArray keyItems(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2709
ID&#39;s for each keyitem.
Definition: FF7Save.h:104
void setChocoPCount(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2214
QByteArray slotHeader(int s)
Header for a slot as QByteArray.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:146
bool vincentUnlocked(int s)
has vincent been unlocked
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3814
QVector< QString > SubContainer
Definition: FF7Save.h:223
QString filename
Definition: FF7Save.h:1015
void setWorldCoordsTcX(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4028
int worldCoordsBhID(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4098
void setCharMag(int s, int char_num, quint8 mag)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1986
bool killedEmeraldWeapon(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3682
void setWorldCoordsBh(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4118
bool seenPandorasBox(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3561
void importCharacter(int s, int char_num, QByteArray new_char)
export a character
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:624
void setControllerMapping(int s, QByteArray map)
set the controller mapping for a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3180
Definition: FF7Save.h:71
quint8 file_header_psp[0x2080]
Definition: FF7Save.h:1000
quint16 locationT(int s)
triangle play is standing on. field map
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3392
void setMagicOrder(int s, int order)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3082
void setBattleMessageSpeed(int s, int speed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3133
QVector< SubContainer > parseXML(QString fileName, QString metadataPath, QString UserID)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2379
quint16 speedScore(int s, int rank)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1802
quint8 file_header_pc[0x0009]
Definition: FF7Save.h:996
void setSaveNumber(int s, int saveNum)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1099
int worldCoordsBhX(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4093
void setCondorWins(int s, quint8 wins)
set how many time you have won the fort condor mini game
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3447
bool subMiniGameVictory(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4698
void setCharLckBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 lckbonus)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1995
bool setSlotHeader(int s, QByteArray data)
set the slot header
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:152
QString filetimestamp(QString fileName)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2508
void setDialogColorLR(int s, QColor color)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1921
void setCharSpiBonus(int s, int char_num, quint8 spibonus)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1993
void setWorldCoordsTcAngle(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4050
QString SG_Region_String[15]
Definition: FF7Save.h:1014
quint32 worldCoordsTc(int s, bool firstChunk)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3975
void setMainProgress(int s, int mProgress)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1563
Definition: FF7Save.h:1016
int lenFileHeader(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1322
qint16 craterSavePointZ(int s)
z coordinate of the placeable save point
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4579
bool setFileHeader(QByteArray data)
set the file header
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:135
void setKeyItem(int s, int keyItem, bool pickedUp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2725
quint8 charLimitBar(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1953
quint8 descParty(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1659
bool exportPSX(int s, const QString &fileName)
attempt to save fileName as a PSX ff7save
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:322
quint8 descLevel(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1658
void setWorldCoordsDurwID(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4479
bool battleTargets(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3152
bool isJPN(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1316
bool setFileFooter(QByteArray data)
set the file footer
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:168
Menu items for ff7.
Definition: FF7Save.h:75
int worldCoordsLeaderAngle(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3885
void setWorldCoordsLeaderID(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3930
void setWorldCoordsWchocoID(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4368
bool startBombingMission(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3630
QColor dialogColorUR(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1896
QByteArray fileFooter(void)
file Footer as QByteArray
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:161
bool isPAL(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1302
int worldCoordsSubX(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4203
void setCharStr(int s, int char_num, quint8 str)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1984
void setLocation(int s, QString new_location)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1698
void setPhsVisible(int s, int who, bool checked)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3207
void setChocoPersonality(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2220
void setSeenPandorasBox(int s, bool seen)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3566
void setDescMaxMP(int s, quint16 new_maxMP)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1674
void setCharArmor(int s, int char_num, quint8 armor)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1999
quint32 worldCoordsSub(int s, bool firstChunk)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4194
void setCharKills(int s, int char_num, quint16 kills)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2003
void setWorldCoordsLeaderZ(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3964
void setWorldCoordsLeaderX(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3919
void setWorldCoordsSubZ(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4292
quint16 charKills(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1959
void setChocoMaxSprintSpeed(int s, int chocoSlot, quint16 maxsprintSpeed)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2172
Definition: FF7Save.h:62
bool exportCharacter(int s, int char_num, QString fileName)
export a character
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:616
void setPartyMateria(int s, int mat_num, quint8 id, qint32 ap)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1840
bool turtleParadiseFlyerSeen(int s, int flyer)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2538
quint16 charBaseHp(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1973
bool isSlotEmpty(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1287
quint16 battlePoints(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2336
quint8 charMagBonus(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1948
int worldCoordsDurwY(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4439
QString md5sum(QString fileName, QString UserID)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2348
quint8 charLck(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1945
void setItem(int s, int item_num, quint16 rawitem)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:761
quint16 options(int s)
In game options for a slot.
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3163
bool saveFile(const QString &fileName)
attempt to save fileName as ff7save
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:237
quint8 charArmor(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1955
FF7CHOCOBO chocobo(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2051
void setWorldCoordsTcZ(int s, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4073
quint16 descMaxMP(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1666
int battleMessageSpeed(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3132
void setCharNextExp(int s, int char_num, quint32 next)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2021
QColor dialogColorLR(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1898
quint8 charVit(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1941
int worldCoordsDurwAngle(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4434
void setControlMode(int s, int mode)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2981
qint8 charLimitLevel(int s, int char_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1952
bool canFightNinjaInForest(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3744
void setBattleTargets(int s, bool shown)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3153
void setCharCurrentExp(int s, int char_num, quint32 exp)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2020
void setItems(int s, QList< quint16 > items)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:786
quint8 chocoType(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2102
QByteArray controllerMapping(int s)
get controller mapping for a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3172
QByteArray PS3Key
Definition: FF7Save.h:1042
QString snowboardTime(int s, int course)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2274
quint8 tutSave(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3728
void setBikeHighScore(int s, quint16 score)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2335
Definition: FF7Save.h:1022
void setChocoType(int s, int chocoSlot, quint8 value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2184
quint8 partyMateriaId(int s, int mat_num)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1861
quint8 file_header_mc[0x2000]
Definition: FF7Save.h:1003
quint8 chocoSex(int s, int chocoSlot)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2095
bool bmProgress1(int s, int bit)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2587
quint8 donProgress(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3611
void setWorldCoordsLeader(int s, bool firstChunk, int value)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3900
void setBattles(int s, int battles)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2249
void setPsxDesc(QString newDesc, int s)
Set The Description Text for PSX Slot (text shows in memory card manager of playstation) ...
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1266
void clearSlot(int s)
clear a slot
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:591
void setCharName(int s, int char_num, QString new_name)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1610
void fix_psx_header(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:832
bool killedRubyWeapon(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3705
quint16 steps(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3572
qint16 craterSavePointY(int s)
y coordinate of the placeable save point
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4561
void setCharacter(int s, int char_num, FF7CHAR new_char)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1928
bool cursorMode(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3004
int worldCoordsTcID(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3989
void fix_pc_bytemask(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:805
void setBattleHelp(int s, bool shown)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3100
quint8 psx_block_type(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1159
QByteArray unknown(int s, int z)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:2747
void setStartBombingMission(int s, bool isTrue)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:3639
quint32 worldCoordsWchoco(int s, bool firstChunk)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4304
int lenFileFooter(void)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1323
quint8 disc(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:1552
int worldCoordsWchocoAngle(int s)
Definition: FF7Save.cpp:4323